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Lenten Journey April 10-15

Jesus died and rose again to save us.

Monday April 10: Savior; taken from Matthew 26-28; Mark 14-16; Luke 22-24; John 18-20.

Tuesday April 11: Lord; taken from Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20.

Wednesday April 12: Friend; taken from John 21.

Bonus idea: Find a song about Jesus as your friend and learn it together.

Thursday April 13: Helper – Parakletos; taken from Luke 24; Acts 1-2.

Bonus idea: talk about how Jesus has been your helper during Lent.

Friday April 14: Light of the World; taken from Acts 8-9.

Saturday April 15: King of Kings; taken from Matthew 24-25; Acts 1; Revelation 19-22.

With older children continue reading from the Bible or “Action Bible”, working through the Learn More section and doodling in the prayer journal.