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Lenten Journey March 27 – April 1

Jesus Heals and Forgives

Monday March 27: Great Physician; taken from Matthew9; Mark 2; Luke 5.

Tuesday March 28: Teacher – Rabbi; taken from Matthew 5-7; Luke 6.

Bonus idea: Practice saying the prayer Jesus taught together, it is known as the Lord’s Prayer.

Wednesday March 2: Cornerstone; taken from Matthew 7; Luke 6.

Bonus idea: build a house out of blocks on shifting material and solid material as see which falls.

Thursday March 30: Master; taken from Matthew 8; Mark 4; Luke 8.

Friday March 31: Bread of Life; taken from Matthew 14; Mark 6; John 6.

Bonus idea: write a poem or song about bread.

Saturday April 1: I AM – Jehovah; taken from Matthew 14; Mark 6; John 6.

With older children continue reading from the Bible or “Action Bible” , working through the Learn More section and doodling in the prayer journal.