Welcome to Dexter United Methodist Church!

Frontpage Welcome Message

Sometimes it’s difficult to think about what’s best: for your kids, for your friendships, for your folks, for your marriage, for your spiritual life; all a part of your goal of making a difference in the world. With only so much time, energy, and resources, how can you maximize what God has given you to live? Simply by taking a next step toward Jesus: worshiping, or serving, or joining a group to grow in your discipleship. Dexter UMC is relentlessly committed to helping you do that: from our fellowship groups, to Bible studies, to our bookstore on Sunday mornings. And the crazy thing is the joy that comes to us when we do that—even in the midst of difficulty in our lives. So won’t you try one next step? If you need help, please call 734.426.8480. One of our pastors can help you navigate your next step. Thanks for visiting.