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At A Glance, Bulletin and Website Announcements

Please use this form to submit announcements for our quarterly At A Glance, the weekly bulletin, and the website.

At A Glance Announcements

At A Glance is a quarterly informational booklet detailing all the events, classes and service opportunities that are taking place in our church. If you would like submit an announcement or an update for your event or class, you may do so here. The deadlines are as follows:

Nov 15 - for the Winter issue (Dec, Jan, Feb)
Feb 15 - for the Spring issue (Mar, Apr, May)
May 15 - for the Summer issue (June, July, Aug)
Aug 15 - for the Fall issue (Sep, Oct, Nov)

Bulletin Announcements

Announcements for our weekly bulletin must be submitted before 12-midnight the Tuesday prior to worship. Announcements are included as room is available and may be edited for length. ALL late submissions will be held for the following week.

Website Announcements

Please submit website announcements at least one week prior to your event. Announcements may be edited for length.

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