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Parents Day Out

Parents Day Out


time 9:00 AM

Every Friday from

September 22, 2017


December 15, 2017

Parents Day Out is a specially designed program for children 12 months—3 years of age.  Our objective is to provide a loving, Christian, developmentally appropriate atmosphere for your child while you enjoy a few hours of personal time.  Your little one will have many opportunities to make new friends as he or she plays and explores a variety of art media, enjoys sensory experiences, participates in music and movement, reads new stories and, as always, learns about God’s great love for each one of us.  These activities will be led by carefully selected, highly trained teachers with a teacher/child ratio of approximately 1:3.

•  The program runs from September 22, 2017 through December 15, 2017 (9 AM - 11 AM) in the nursery.
•  The cost of the program is $540 although this will be prorated if your child registers after the start date.

Contact Kristin Romelhardt for additional information at parentsdayout.dumc@gmail.com.