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December 14 – Bells

December 14 – Bells

Bells ring out the Joy of the Birth of Jesus.  The symbol of bells at Christmas time harken to a time when churches used a church bell to call people to worship, especially on Christmas eve.  Even the Jingle bells we sing about and hang on doors remind us of the joyous event of Christ’s birth.  The bells call us to remember the great gift of salvation offered and to throw cares away in worship of the saving King.

In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” the children say that an angel gets their wings every time a bell rings.  This season when you hear a bell ring, pause to celebrate and thank God for the gift of Jesus.

With Children:  Hang tag #14 with a bell.  Ring some bells or jingle bells.  Make up a song or sing one you know that talks about bells.  Pray and thank God for the gift of Jesus.

With Teens:  Bells called people to worship in the past.  What calls you to worship Jesus now?