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Clean Feet


On Thursday of Holy Week Jesus and his disciples meet in an upper room to celebrate the feast of Passover.  This is time the Jewish people remembered how God lead them through the waters into freedom from Egyptian slavery.  Before the supper began, Jesus washes his disciples feet.  In this act he showed them that his followers would also be servants to others.

I grew up in a church that regularly practiced feet washing before communion.  In this act of humility and service, communities can ask and find forgiveness and restoration.  We have been living together without much break for a month now.  Why not practice this act of service tonight with one another?  Use a simple plastic tub and stool or the bathtub.  Have your kids wash each others feet and speak kind words to one another in the process.  If you want to avoid too much mess…us a wet washcloth or wet wipe instead.  This is another way to prepare our hearts for the great mystery of Easter.



P.S.  If you have not finished putting together your eggs and story cards, finish them today.  We will use them tomorrow!