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Conceived and Born – Lesson 12

March 1, 2016

Important note on word choice for this lesson: The curriculum uses the term Holy Ghost – please swap that for the language we use – Holy Spirit.  Younger children might be confused or even afraid of the term ghost since this is not a term we use with them in church and they probably would think of Halloween instead.

Activity: Spend some time weighing different objects, or compare objects with different weights in your hands.  Then weigh your child and compare that to how much they weighed when they were born.

Read the story from “The Jesus Storybook Bible” p.176 or “Action Bible” p.532.

Younger children might like to hold a doll, or bring out the baby Jesus from your Christmas Nativity for this story.

Hang your ornament as a final part of the lesson.



Download the Days 12 & 13 Ornaments