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Day 29 – April 8 – Being Blind


  • Teen and Adult reading: Matthew 20:1-34, Mark 10:32-52, Luke 18:31-34 & 19:1-27
  • GSFM p.409-414
  • JSB p.280-283
  • BF p.506-511
  • DBD p.600b-604a
  • AB p.615-618

Bartimaeus yells and yells for Jesus to have mercy on him.  People try to quiet him down but he won’t listen.  He single mindedly calls to Jesus until he is heard.  Then Jesus asks, “What do you want me to do for you?”  Without hesitation Bartimaeus replied – “I want to see!”  If I were blind and knew it, I would ask the same thing.  This story makes me ask myself, if Jesus asked me what I wanted would I know without hesitation what I would ask for?  Do I know what is wrong with my spirit and what needs to be healed or am I blind to what I need from Jesus?

Action Step: record your word for the day.