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Day 30 – April 9 – Glory to God’s Name


  • Teen and Adult reading: Mark 14:3-9 & 11:1-11, Matthew 26:6-13 & 21:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, John 12:12-36
  • GSFM p.415-418
  • JSB p.284-285
  • BF p.512-514
  • DBD p.604b-606
  • AB p.619-622

I never caught Jesus’ prayer life conundrum recorded in John 12 until this reading.  Jesus is deeply troubled about his impending death.  He wants to pray and ask God to save him from what lies ahead.  But instead he prays –“Father, bring glory to your name.”  This is not a prayer I would find easy to say and yet, when I read it I felt that it is a prayer I need to learn to say.  I can sense the importance of turning away from asking to avoid pain to asking God be glorified.  This is one of the Lord’s prayers I need to practice.

Action Step: record a phrase or word for the day.