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Day 31 – April 10 – Little Children

• Teen and Adult readings: John 12:37-50, Mark 11:12-33, Matthew 21:12-27
• GSFM p.419-421
• JSB p.286-289
• BF p.515-516
• DBD p.607-610a
• AB p.623-626
The synoptic gospels (Mark, Matthew & Luke) all record the story of Jesus clearing the temple of money changers. Only Matthew gives us the activities of the children who are part of the crowd. After Jesus clears the temple and peace takes the place of chaos, many come to Jesus to be healed. Then out of sheer joy the children shout and I imagine, jump and run around Praising God for the Son of David. The children know who Jesus is and they cannot contain their joy! The priests were indignant at the children’s parade. Jesus responds to the priests by quoting Psalm 8:2 “You have taught children and infants to give you praise.” I work with kids and find that they continue to see Jesus and express joy – sometimes to the exasperation of adults. This is a good reminder to stop and pay attention to children and learn to praise God freely.

Action Step: write down your favorite words for the day.