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Day 32 – April 11 – Telling Stories


  • Teen and Adult reading: Matthew 21:28-46 & 22:1-33, Mark 12:1-27, Luke 20:9-40
  • GSFM p.422-424
  • JSB p.290-293
  • BF p. 517-521
  • DBD p.610b – 613a
  • AB p. 627-630

Much of today’s readings start with… Jesus began by telling them stories.  I love stories, reading them, hearing them, watching them and telling them.  Stories touch parts of my heart and soul in a way that plain talking never can.  I remember stories better than lots of words run together and I can ponder them, revisit them, and put myself into them and make them my own.  Jesus knew the power of stories and used them often.  It gives me pause…what story will I tell today?  Who will I tell it to?  May you connect with God’s story and tell it this Lent.

Action step:  Record your words or phrase for the day – or even your favorite story.