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Day 33 – April 12 – Looking Good


  • Teen and Adult reading: Mark 12:28-44, Matthew 22:34-46 & 23:1-39, Luke 20:41-47 & 21:1-4
  • GSFM p.425-430
  • JSB p.294-297
  • BF p.522-527
  • DBD p.613b-616a
  • AB p.631-634

Jesus spends a lot of time warning people about appearances.  What we see on the outside of a person or place can be so appealing.  We are drawn to beauty but Jesus warns the hearers about appearances that can be misleading.  What is on the inside matters to Jesus and he reminds the listener to beware and pay attention.  It seems as much as things change, they really stay the same.  Today we can hear these words and remember to look beyond the adds, promises and lure of the outward beauty and to check what is on the inside of a person and place.  Compare what you are drawn into with the teachings and life of Jesus.  I am reminded to be aware and beware that I not give myself over to worship that which is not from God.

Action step:  write or draw your word for the day.