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Day 38 – April 18 – I’m in the Bible?


  • Teen and Adult reading: John 15:18- John 17:26
  • GSFM – read your favorite Jesus story again or keep reading the Acts stories
  • JSB p.316-317
  • BF p.561-562
  • DBD p.626b-628a
  • AB – Read a favorite Jesus story again or keep reading in Acts.

Did you know you were in the Bible?  Only the Gospel of John records a long prayer Jesus prays before going to Gethsemane.  In this prayer Jesus prays for his disciples and he prays for you and for me.  In verse 20 of chapter 17 Jesus says: “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me because of their testimony.”  This really caught my eye during this reading.  I realized that I was standing right here in the pages of the story.  Jesus had me in mind and I am part of the gospel.  I love to think about how the gospel is big enough for everyone who believes.  May you see yourself in the gospel this Lent.

Action Step: find a word and record it.