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Day 39 – April 19 – Grieved to the point of Death


  • Teen and Adult reading: John 18:1-24, Mark 14:32-52, Matthew 26:36-56, Luke 22:39-53
  • GSFM – read another favorite Jesus story or keep reading in Acts
  • JSB p.318-321
  • BF p.563-565
  • DBD p.628b-630a
  • AB – Read another favorite Jesus story or keep reading in Acts.

Has grief ever gripped your soul to the point you were sure it would kill you?  In that place did you sense that nobody could ever understand the depth of your anguish?  Perhaps your grief has not been to the point of death but isolating and debilitating.  In these moments and phases of life it is so easy to believe no one understands.  I am reminded in the reading today how much those sentiments are a lie.  The one we pray to and the one who comforts us walked through grief that kills the soul and the body.  I was comforted today in the reading and remembering – Jesus might be the only one we know who understands our grief – but praise God we are never alone in it.  Even though I walk through the valley of the showdown of death I will fear no evil for you are with me… (Ps. 23).  Thursday of Holy Week reminds us that Jesus knows grief and if we know Him we do not need to fear but cling to him in prayer.

Action Step:  Write the word or phrase from the reading today.