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Day 40 – April 20 – Waiting for the Promise


  • Teen and Adult reading: Mark 14:43-16:20, Matthew 26:57-28:20, Luke 22:54- 24:53, John 18:25 – 21:25
  • GSFM – read another favorite Jesus story or keep reading in Acts.
  • JSB p.322-325
  • BF p.566-567
  • DBD p.630b-631
  • AB – read a favorite story of Jesus or keep reading in Acts.


Today’s reading is long and you might want to spread it over Saturday and read about the resurrection on Sunday and the events following on Monday.  But then again, there is so much darkness surrounding Jesus at the end of his life that it is so rewarding to get to the resurrection.  When we tell the story of Jesus’ death to very young children we always include the resurrection.  And really, the death of Jesus is nothing without the resurrection.  Even as adults, we really need to remember that the two parts always go together.  Waiting for the promise of resurrection can be very hard.  When we are in the middle of darkness, pain, discouragement, abandonment, it is so hard to wait for the promise of resurrection.  But we must hold them together.  Because God raised Jesus on the third day – dark Saturday cannot hold us either.  We are resurrection people – wait in hope and confidence.  May you live as resurrection people as Lent concludes and Eastertide begins.

Action Step:  record your word or phrase in your journal.  Look back over all your words and look for a theme.  What has God spoken to you this Lenten season?  I would love to hear your stories.