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December 13 – Sleigh

Here is another newer Christmas tradition.  The idea of Santa with Reindeer and a sleigh didn’t become part of our Christmas storytelling until the poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” was published in 1823.  After this work was published we see books and stories talking about Santa traveling in a sleigh.  I wonder why the author of the poem chose a sleigh?   Probably the fact that Santa lives in the North pole has something to do with it.  The flying part probably has something to do with mysterious Reindeer (which we will cover in a few days) and the need to get lots of places in a short time.

I have my own ideas on why we love the idea of a flying sleigh.  There are a couple of places in the Bible that use chariots (in the sky) as a form of God’s salvation.   Elijah, God’s prophet is taken to heaven in a flying Chariot and later another prophet describes God’s salvation as arriving by chariot in Habakkuk 3:8. The sleigh’s we see at Christmas can be a great reminder that God has sent his salvation from heaven in the baby Jesus.  Every year God’s grace and gifts come to us from above so that someday we can join God in eternal life above.

With Children:  Hang tag #13 with a sleigh.  Santa brings gifts in a sleigh, if God used a sleigh what kind of gifts to you think God would put in it?  Count how many sleighs you see in a day.

With Teens:  If God were the driver of the sleigh what would God put in it?   Plan to give the kind of Gift God would put in his sleigh.