Welcome to Dexter United Methodist Church!

December 16 – Christmas Tree

Every December or in late November, we do this strange thing – we cut down a tree or put up a fake one in our house.  Some of us put more than one up!  Did you ever pause to wonder why we do this?  Why a tree inside?  The most consistent story dates back to Martin Luther.  Whether this story happened when he was a child or for his children we are not sure, but the idea of bringing a tree inside homes for Christmas is attributed to him.  Martin Luther brought a tree inside to help tell the meaning of Christmas.  The tree points up – this reminds us where to look at Christmas, to God and that Jesus came to us from heaven.  The evergreen branches tell of the everlasting life Jesus came to bring and assure us that his love for us never ends. The lights on the tree represent that Jesus is the light of the world, and reminds us of the bright light of the angels who sang of the great Joy of Jesus birth.

We now decorate trees with all the other symbols of the season to tell all parts of the Christmas story.  When you look at your tree this Christmas may you point your heart toward heaven and remember Jesus.

With Children: Hang tag #16 with a Christmas tree.  Look at the tree in your house and practice telling the meaning of the tree to each other.  Decide who you might tell the story to this week.

With Teens:  Talk about which part of the meaning of the Christmas tree you like the best.