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December 23 – Christmas Card

The tradition of sending Christmas Cards began in England with a postal worker and his artist friend – Sir Henry Cole and John Horsely respectively.  Sir Henry worked in the new post office that had just become financially accessible to the common person.  Sending a card at Christmas seemed like a good idea to get business rolling.  Their first card depicted a scene in which a family were helping the poor and the inside showed them at a Christmas family dinner.  From this start Christmas cards grew as postal services and printing expanded.  It became quite popular in Germany and then moved to the United States.

This need to communicate and connect with family and friends is really what Christmas is about.  God so wanted humanity to know what God was like that God sent his son Jesus to communicate his love and connect with people so that someday we can communicate face to face with God.  Our Christmas cards remind us that God longs to stay in touch with us until we are together forever.  Remember God’s communication in Jesus this year as you send and receive Christmas Cards.

With Kids:  Hang tag #23 with a Christmas Card.  Make a Christmas Card for someone you haven’t given one to yet this season.  Remember that Jesus is a card sent to you to remind you of God’s love.

With Teens:  Imagine what God’s personal Christmas card to you says this year?  What do you want to send back to God in a card?  Design a card that you would send to God.