Welcome to Dexter United Methodist Church!

December 3 – Sunday

The first Sunday in Advent we light a purple candle.

Scripture reading: Ecclesiastes 2:13

“I saw that wisdom is better than folly, just as light is better than darkness.” NIV

Light is better than darkness…it is fitting that at the beginning of Advent we are called back to the beginning of all things on this planet.  Genesis 1:1 iterates that the first act of God in creation is the creation of Light – “And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.”  The beginning of life starts with light – the light given by God.  Where does your heart and mind hover today?  Is there a dark cloud surrounding you?  Does the light and darkness need to be separated again?  Light is better than darkness…take a moment to ask God to separate the light from the darkness in your life and recreate you in the light of his love this season.


Activity for families and kids – Materials needed: darkness sensing night light.

Gather around a darkness sensing night light, turn off the lights and notice what happens.  Turn the lights back on and notice.  Do this a few times.  What happens when the big light goes out?  (Night light goes on.)  Why do we have this kind of light in our house?  (so it will never be totally dark, to keep us safe, keeps us from feeling scared, etc…)

Do you think that it is because we think that light is better than darkness?  In our scripture for today the wisdom writer in the Bible said that light is better than darkness.  Do you agree?

In the beginning of the Bible it describes how God created all things and the first thing God did was to speak light into the world.

During advent we are remembering that Jesus is the Light that came into the world and that light gives us life.