Welcome to Dexter United Methodist Church!

December 4 – Monday

The second day of Advent, light the next candle.

Scripture reading: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”  Psalm 119:105 NIV

Every year there is a lag between the time changing and turning our clocks back in the fall to the timer on the parking lights in the parking lot getting switched.  That means the walk from my house across the lawn or through the parking lot to church is very, very dark.  While it is not quite as dark as the walk when all the electricity is out in the area, the view is dim and the path not nearly as clear.  There are times in our lives when we may wonder where God is, the path or way to God just doesn’t stand out – it is in these times I usually notice that the problem is not God, but me.  I have missed turning the lamp on.  I have missed reading my Bible and spending time in God’s word.  If this seems true to you, Advent is a great time to read God’s word and let the light shine into your darkness.

Activity for families and kids – Materials needed: a lamp and a Bible.

Turn a lamp on and off, let everyone have a turn.  Take a Bible and open it and shut it.  Then say, the Bible says that it is like a lamp.  When we open it up and read God’s words it helps us to see Him and what he wants us to do.  Pray and thank God for the Bible and the stories about Jesus.