Welcome to Dexter United Methodist Church!

December 9 – Saturday

Light the 7th candle

Scripture Reading:

“Yet I am writing you a new command; its truth is seen in him and you, because the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining.”  1 John 2:8

As the days grow shorter and shorter here in the North – Advent is a time to remember that the darkness is passing away.  This verse holds a great promise, but as we continue to read the next few verses it reminds us that there is something that keeps the light from turning on in our own lives – HATE.

John writes that Love = Light and Hate = darkness.  This makes me pause and reflect – if I feel the darkness in me or closing in around me – am I holding on to any hate?  If I am honest with myself, hate probably is a root issue in most of my darkest hours.  I don’t call it hate because that seems so strong, yet really that is what darkens my life.  We are seven days into Advent and this is a great time to ask the greatest Love, Jesus, to shine light on our hate.  Time in prayer, reading the Bible and worship floods our souls with the love and light to heal our hate and fill us with love.  Let that time begin today for you so you may claim this verse…the darkness is passing away.


Activity for Families and kids – Materials needed: blindfolds.

Take turns wearing blindfolds and let the person in darkness try to navigate through the house to their rooms.  Make sure to keep everyone safe!  Talk about how hard it is when we are blind.  Moving around is much easier without the blindfold. Then say:  when we hold onto bad feelings about other people it is a little like walking around with a blindfold.  The longer we hold the bad feelings the worse it gets and we call that hate.  God says in the Bible that hatred brings darkness and love brings light.  If you have bad feelings/hate toward someone ask Jesus to give you his love, Jesus’ love gives us light and removes the bad feelings and hate.

Talk about who we might need to forgive and pray together as a family.  Thank God for Jesus who has the power to remove blindfolds/darkness.