Welcome to Dexter United Methodist Church!

Easter Tool Assembly

Time to put the Scavenger Hunt pieces together.  Number each egg, either with a marker or sticker numbers.  They should be numbered 1-12.  Then put the following items in the eggs with the same number.  The place them in order in your egg carton.

  1. Small donkey, and/ or blade of grass, or small leaf
  2. 3 dimes or other small money
  3. Small cup (use imagination…Barbie, playmobil, thimble) and/ or a small cracker.
  4. Praying hands, scroll of paper to represent prayer, draw praying hands…
  5. Small piece of leather (old shoe lace?) string, yarn… to resemble whip.
  6. Tiny crown to remember the crown of thorns, make from twigs, string, or draw.
  7. Two nails and/or a small cross…could make by tying twigs together.
  8. Dice (remember which game you took it from!)
  9. Small toy sword…Legos maybe or make from toothpick with and end cut off.
  10. Gauze, cheese cloth or cotton fabric for grave clothes.
  11. Stone
  12. Leave empty

Now that your supplies are in order, follow this link to story cards and print them.  You can cut those out and color them today and tomorrow.


Pastor Denise