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40 Reasons to Trust God – Learning the Names of God during the 40 days of Lent

We have grown in the knowledge and understanding of God’s Love as found in 1 John during these past weeks since Christmas and now Lent is upon us tomorrow!  What better way to continue to grow in our love for Christ than to immerse ourselves in a study of the character of God.

In some cultures names were and some still are given that describe the person they are given to or perhaps are given with a meaning in hope that a child would grow into the meaning of their name.  This is not the predominate reason for choosing names any more.  For instance, my name means “Goddess of Wine” and it was given to me by my teetotaler parents!  But this is not the case with God.  The names of God given in the Bible are a description of God and revelation about God’s character.  So this season we will explore 40 of those names to help us and our families grow in love and relationship with God.

Here is a quick review of how Lent works – it starts on Ash Wednesday, this year March 1st.  There will be a service at 6:45 pm at church that ends with the receiving of ashes on the forehead as a sign that you are marked by Christ and you belong to Him.  The 40 days are meant to be a time of reflection on Christ and preparing our hearts to receive the great mystery that Jesus died for our sins and rose again on the third day.  Many choose to remove/give-up something from their lives to help them remember Christ.  Another option is to add something – like the daily devotions of this Lenten study.  The 40 days are counted on Monday – Saturday.  Sundays are reminders of the Resurrection and are not counted in the 40 days.  The devotions for the 40 days will be for Monday – Saturday.

Visual reminders add a great component to our remembering so for this season I recommend building a visual reminder of the names we have studied.  In years past we have used a Lenten tree (a bare branch painted white and placed in a pot of stones) to hang ornaments of reminders on if you have one pull it out or make one.  One option this year is to use the templates attached to this blog.  Print them and write the name of God for the day on one and hang it on the tree.  If you do not have a tree you could hang them in a prominent place in your home or put them on the fridge.  Another idea is to write them on a white or black board and watch it fill up during lent.

Here is the topic for Wednesday:  Creator – Elohim

Read the chapter on Creator in the “I AM” book and follow the activities given.

For older Children and adults read Genesis 1 & 2 from the Bible or the “Action Bible”.  The Learn More section is a great activity for older children or youth in the family.

Prayer Idea:  Use a notebook or journal and use the “Praying in Color” method.  Simply write the name of God in the middle of the page and then spend time in quiet doodling on the page with colored pencils, markers or crayons.  Spend the time thinking about the name of God while doodling.  Use the journal everyday for prayer time adding a name throughout Lent.

Craft Idea:  Click here to download printable chalkboard label stencils

Blessings on your Lent journey – more tomorrow about the rest of the week,