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Lenten Blog 2019 – Stories of Jesus

Lent is almost upon us and for many Lent brings ideas of giving something up for 40 days.  The church came up with this idea a long time ago to help people think about Jesus in preparation for the celebration of Easter.  This is a wonderful practice in being mindful – this year we are also encouraging the congregation, people of all ages, to practice thinking about Jesus by reading through the gospels during the 40 days of Lent.  You can find a reading plan for teens and adults here.  And this blog will cover the reading plan for children up through 6th grade.

I will Blog about the adult readings for the day and if anything seems helpful to older elementary students feel free to share it.  I also recommend that 3rd graders and up read one section of the daily adult reading from their 3rd grade Bibles.  This will give them a wonderful look at the full text of the Bible and a chance for you to talk with them about it.

We have recommended many children’s Bibles based on age and reading levels.  Given the diversity of Bibles different ages might be on a different story on any given day – but not to worry – everyone will be reading and hearing the stories of Jesus!

I will post the different pages for the various children’s Bibles at least a day in advance.  If you have a different children’s Bible at home that you will use, just count the Jesus Stories, if you have more than 40 read two on a few days and if you have a few less read all the stories and then re-read a few favorites at the end.

Everyday children will pause to think of a word that comes to mind about Jesus after hearing/reading the story.  They can write or draw a picture of that word on a tag or in a journal.  If you choose a tag hang them someplace they can be seen throughout Lent.  The idea is to remember key ideas and feelings from reading the stories.  At the end of Lent we will review all the things we have written and see what patterns emerge.  Printable tags can be found by doing a quick search online.


Blessings on your gospel reading journey!