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Lenten Journey March 16-18

When we are weak, God is strong.

Thursday March 16: The Lord my Shepherd – Jahovah Roi; taken from 1 Samuel 16-17; Psalm 23.

Bonus idea: Do some research online about sheep and shepherds.  Memorize                   Psalm 23.

Friday March 17: The Lord my Strength – Jahovah Uzzi; taken from 1 Samuel 17.

Bonus idea: Practice a few strength building moves with dumbbells, jump ropes,                 etc.

Saturday March 18: The Lord my Light – Jehovah Ori; taken from 1 Kings 3-4.

Bonus idea: Play flashlight tag in a dark house and say: “The Lord is your Light” when you tag someone with the light.

With older children continue reading from the Bible or “Action Bible” , working through the Learn More section and doodling in the prayer journal.