Welcome to Dexter United Methodist Church!

Lenten Journey: March 9 – 11

God knows what we need and takes care of us.

Thursday March 9th: The Lord Will Provide – Jehovah Jireh; taken from Exodus 13, 15-16.

Bonus idea: Look up the song Jehovah Jireh online and make up a dance to it.

Friday March 10th: Holy One – Kadosh; taken from Exodus 19-20, 24-31, 35-40.

Bonus idea: Find a picture of the Old Testament Tabernacle online, sing the song “Holy, Holy, Holy”

Saturday March 11th: The Lord My Banner – Jehovah Nissi; taken from Joshua 5-6.

Bonus idea: Find the old camp song “His Banner over Me is Love” and learn the motions.

With older children continue reading from the Bible or “Action Bible” , working through the Learn More section and doodling in the prayer journal.