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Obedience – Practicing the Way of Jesus

On this Wednesday of Holy Week the Bible is silent about what Jesus did…but we know what Jesus will do in a few days.  He will die on a cross to save all people from their sins.  Tomorrow, in the garden Jesus will say to God, “Not my will but your will be done.”  In John’s gospel the twin themes of Love and Obedience emerge.  Jesus loves deeply and obeys God the Father perfectly.  I wonder if Jesus spent time on Wednesday connecting with God so he could continue to obey, even when it was very hard.

Today could be a great day to practice obedience through fun games!  Here are some of the top games that kids like to play:

Simon Says (or make it mommy or daddy says!)

Follow the Leader

Red Light, Green Light.

Mother May I?

Another idea is to play a game at a meal.  Give simple commands like: raise a fork, stand up,… and whoever acts first gets a small reward.

If you can’t remember the rules to these games, just google them (or ask your kids).

Here’s to practicing obedience!  (This could come in handy for weeks to come.)


Pastor Denise