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Praying in Color

Week 2, Feb. 19-25

How do you pray when all your mind wants to do is fly?  This can happen to kids but it also happens to adults much of the time when we try to pray.   As adults many of us find ways to help us focus.  Have you ever looked at your notes from a seminar or even a sermon and find doodles all over the place.  That does not happen by accident, it is a tool to help you listen.  Praying in color is a practice/tool to help us focus, listen and talk to God when all our mind wants to do is fly.

To get started with praying in color first review a few important elements with your family.

  • Review all the different shapes we can make, don’t forget squiggles, zigzags, as well as circles and hearts, etc. You might want to illustrate them on paper.
  • Put together a list of the names of God (if you need help remembering a quick search online can fill in any gaps).
  • Tools needed: blank paper or notebook/journal and coloring tools – colored gel pens, markers, colored pencils, etc.
  • To get started make a “parking lot”, boxed in area for things that pop into your mind you need to remember for later (e.g. buy milk, when is my homework due, etc.) Use this space to write down distractions so you can continue praying.
  • Begin praying by choosing a shape and name for God. Write the name in the shape.
  • Decide if you are going to pray for others – intercession, praise God – adoration, sins – confession, gratitude – thanksgiving, or needs for yourself.
  • Once you have decided what you will pray for write that down and start doodling and giving that which you have written to God.
  • Check this link for some examples: https://prayingincolor.com/examples

You might want to play soft music if that is helpful to your family.  Let everyone find a space to work and pray that is not too close to another.  Children often enjoy laying on the floor with a tray for their work.  The time will fly as you pray in color and you might find that 15 minutes to a half hour go by quickly when you are doodling your prayers to God.

Practice praying this way for a week.  You could also use the praying in color sheets on the Pinterest page.  Keep the sheets around, you can add to them or review to see how God is answering your petitions and requests.

Blessings as you learn a new way to pray this week,