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Praying Scripture

I don’t know about you but sometimes I want to pray, but really don’t know where to start.  Much of the time there is so much going on in life that it gets all jumbled up and frankly all my thoughts feel quite  self-centered.   I need a way to calm my heart and mind and turn it toward God.  Praying the Scripture, especially the Psalms, is a wonderful practice in prayer.  Psalms is the worship book of Israel  filled with every emotion know to humanity.  The practice of praying scripture is simple and easy for all ages to participate in.  So this is where we will start this Lenten season.

For the first week in Lent (February 14 – 17) let’s all practice the form of prayer called “Praying Scripture”.  For this form, read a Psalm from the Lenten Psalms out loud.  If you have readers have them follow along.  Read it out loud again and maybe even a third time to just let the verse(s) sink in.   Pause for some quiet.  Then invite family members to repeat out loud some of the words that stood out to them from the scripture.  You could also sing the words or write and color them on a page.

For example from Psalm 136:1

“Steadfast love endures forever”

“Thank you God for your steadfast love”

“You are good”

“I give thanks.”

“Lord, you are good”

On  our Pintrest page we have a link to some coloring sheets you might want to use to record the words that come to you in prayer during this practice.


Commence prayer – blessings,