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Praying with your Body

Week 4, March 4-10

Body language can communicate so much and makes up 55% of our communication.  Our posture and body language not only communicates to others, but also affects our own mood, thinking and empathy.  Given that body language is really a two-way street why not use it as a way to pray and connect with God?  I first ran across this idea in a book called “Praying with the body” written by Roy DeLeon.  DeLeon shows how you can move your body to pray through a Psalm.  He has developed some set movements and you can find an example through this link:  https://smile.amazon.com/Praying-Body-Bringing-Psalms-Active/dp/155725589X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1519767751&sr=8-1&keywords=praying+with+your+body

Take time this week to practice praying with your body, but don’t feel limited by what you see in the above example.  Take some time with your kids to make up different movements for different words you might pray or hear in a Psalm.  You might want to spend a day exploring movements and practicing. Talk about how different postures make us feel and think and choose those that fit the words you want to pray.  After exploring movement, then pray a few simple prayers throughout the rest of the week moving your body or just say the same one over each day.

Don’t worry about getting it right – really the only way to get it wrong is not to try at all!  This prayer activity will probably appeal to the people in your house that have a hard time sitting still or who always seem to be in motion.  Even for those who are less comfortable at first may find this calming and help you be mindful of what you want to say to God and what God is saying in return.

Blessings on praying with your body this week!