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Writing Prayers to God

Week 3, February 25 – March 3

As we start the third week in Lent it’s time to pull out your pencil or pen and paper to write or grab your tablet/computer.  Writing is another great way to focus our minds and thoughts.  Often when we have something important to say we write things down to make sure we don’t forget and to organize our thoughts.  This works very well as a way to talk with God too.  If you are not sure where to start I have listed six different topics to consider – one for each day of the week.  These ideas came from Rachel G. Hackenberg’s book “Writing to God” – Kids’ Edition.  Here is the link to her Website: https://rachelhackenberg.com/

#1 Write prayers that use your five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight.

#2 Write about feelings like: sorry, wow, tired or hurt, scared, and happy.

#3 Nature – brainstorm together some things in nature.

#4 Ordinary things you do in life like: eating, school, play date, playing, etc.

#5 New Word Pictures – that is new ways to describe God  – God is like…

#6 Tell God Thank you

I hope these ideas get your prayer writing off to a good start!