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Building Project

Building Committee Mission and Organization

The Building Committee is composed of a group of committed volunteers whose purpose is to help serve the mission of the church through its physical facilities.

The Building Committee is organized:

1.  to assess and prioritize Dexter UMC’s needs,

2.  to select and contract with an architect and building manager that can meet those needs,

3.  to obtain the necessary financing to fully fund the project, and

4.  to closely oversee actual construction.

The following document displays the organization along with the names of volunteers who have stepped up at this time to join the Building Committee:

View the Building Committee Organization

The following document gives a very brief bio for each volunteer along with the areas within the Building Committee in which they have volunteered to work:

View the Building Committee Bios

Study Committee Findings

In mid-2014, a study committee was formed called, “The Facilities Planning Group”. Its purpose was to survey the church’s then current status and to anticipate future building needs and requirements to accommodate church growth. 

Building Committee Timeline

The following document displays a summary of the building committee's timeline beginning with the approval process to the start of construction.

View the Building Committee Timeline

Building Committee Documents

View the Building Committee Documents