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Forge Flint Mission

Forge Flint, a non-profit created in 2012, exists to celebrate the Kingdom of God, through holistic community development. Hope and love are alive in Flint. The people at Forge believe everyone can participate in forging a more beautiful and just world, through creativity and service. The organization plans service projects for volunteers to help Flint residents and the community. It also operates an auto garage to keep transportation available to as many as possible.

Why We Help Forge Flint Mission

Since 2015, Dexter UMC middle-school students have been going on a one-week summer mission trip to work with Forge Flint. All projects are created with the goal of achieving neighborhood development, stability and renewal. Volunteers work on blight removal, painting, landscaping and basic home repairs with the hope of cultivating beauty, pride and hope.

Dexter UMC looks to provide the opportunity for its youth to expand their comfort zone and serve somewhere different from where they live and to provide an experience to help kids experience and share the love of Christ in new ways. Each week, students participate in service projects, discussion groups, chapel services, excursions, games and fellowship. Students and youth leaders work in groups of 8-10, led by a Forge summer staffer and construction manager. For Dexter UMC, it’s been a great partnership and success.

What You Need to Know

Middle-school students of all abilities are encouraged to participate in Forge Flint. For more information on Dexter UMC’s involvement, contact Jeremy Hannich at , or call him at 734.426.8480. The cost for this year’s Forge Flint trip is about $300 per student. Scholarships are available. For more information, visit Forge Flint Mission.