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Gifts Unto Others

When you are in need of a birthday, anniversary, holiday, end-of-school, hostess or thank-you gift, consider giving a charitable donation in honor or in memory of your special person rather than purchasing a gift. Gifts Unto Others offers a convenient and tax-deductible way for you to use gift-giving occasions as opportunities to help others through donations to international projects, local charitable organizations, local and regional outreach programs and Dexter UMC missions.

Why Dexter UMC Offers Gifts Unto Others

The hope is that Dexter UMC’s Gifts Unto Others will be a satisfying way to share love, feelings of affection and respect, and support to others throughout the year. Gifts Unto Others program will touch the hearts of many people:  those who give and receive the gifts, and those who benefit from the donations.

What You Need to Know

Browse through the Gift Unto Others catalog and decide which of the groups you wish to support. The gift prices per share listed in the catalog are flexible. Feel free to give more or less for each gift given. The suggested minimum donation per gift is $10. See “Just-for-Kids” for prices for gifts given by children. Complete the order form and make checks payable to Dexter United Methodist Church. To submit your order, choose one of the following:

  • E-mail order form to giftsuntoothers@gmail.com. Payment will be due when you pick up your cards from the Gifts Unto Others mailbox.
  • Drop off order and payment to the Gifts Unto Others mailbox (near church office).
  • Mail order form and payment to DUMC Gifts Unto Others, 7643 Huron River Dr., Dexter, MI 48130.

Contact Susan Powers at 734.997.5359 for questions or assistance.