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Haiti–Brother Luc

Why We Support and Go to Haiti

The mission is ongoing and support is given financially, through prayers and occasional group trips to Haiti and the center there. Here’s why:

  • To provide support for children in Haiti who have very little. This may be through helping build or repair items in their homes, or provide a means for water or power.
  • To show God’s love to the people of Haiti who feel forgotten. This can be done by interacting with the youth through sports, hanging out with them, eating a meal and sharing devotion or prayer time.
  • To see how those that have very little live, so we can appreciate their struggles and realize how blessed we are.
  • To provide support to Brother Luc, who has given his life to serve these young men.

What You Need to Know

For more information, please contact Tom Snyder, Dexter UMC Pastor of Missions, Care & Senior Adult Ministry at , or at the church office 734.426.8480.