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Haitian Artisans for Peace International

HAPI works to break the cycle of poverty, maternal and infant mortality and broken family systems by changing the trajectory of individuals, families and communities. Focusing on community health, holistic education and economic empowerment, HAPI embodies the love and mission of Jesus Christ. It’s a faith-based community development ministry whose mission is to empower Haitians, mostly women, to grow their capacity to lead with integrity, to develop solutions to their own problems, and to help their families and communities to live to their fullest potential.

Why We Support HAPI

HAPI has been selected and is being financially supported by the United Methodist Church Global Ministries department. Its goal is to break the cycle of charity and dependency. HAPI assists primarily rural-area women as they struggle to provide basic needs for their families by helping them organize their artistic skills into a money-making enterprise and offering a sales outlet to churches and organizations. Significant activities include: artisan fair trade; micro business loans; basic health and dental services, maternal care; children’s activities in art, 4H and increasing individual and organizational capacity through technology and project management. HAPI also works on clean water projects, education and English language classes for children and adults, has set up an electrical program (HAPI runs on solar energy) and provides distance learning via the computer café. They also raise goats which are given to families.

What You Need to Know

At least one Dexter UMC member, Gail Girbach, has visited Haiti as a United Methodist Volunteer in Mission on several occasions to help with work in Haiti. For six weeks, she worked as interim director to cover a vacation. She also was volunteer U.S. Team Coordinator for HAPI. HAPI seeks people to volunteer at home, to donate sewing and other crafts materials and equipment and seeks financial donations to support its work. Learn more at Haitian Artisans for Peace. Or, contact Gail at .