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Judson Collins Center

Every year, Dexter UMC families with 4th and 5th grade children serve together at a Michigan United Methodist Camp, Judson Collins Center in Onsted, to help get the camp ready to receive campers in the summer. Projects range from construction, painting, cleaning, repairing, building new games and working in the barn with the animals.

By serving at the camp, the children also experience a retreat setting in which they explore next steps in developing their own spiritual journey based on Jesus’ words spoken in the temple to his parents at the age of 12 – “I must be about my Father’s business.”

Why We Help Justin Collins Center

Dexter UMC’s goal is to partner with Judson Collins to help them keep prices as low as possible to make summer camp available to as many children as possible so they may hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. It also provides a place for families to serve together–serving with parents is important to faith development, to help children realize they can make a difference locally for people who live nearby and to help children see beyond themselves to the needs of the church and other people.

What You Need to Know

The Dexter UMC overnight trip to Judson Collins occurs in March or April each year depending on the date of Easter and school schedules. Dates are set in early fall and details are shared in Sunday School classes in January.

The overnight cost per person is $10. The students have an additional fee to cover spiritual retreat costs, about $35 more for 4th and 5th graders only. Everyone works together to plan meals and purchase food for sharing.

For more information, contact Pastor Denise Kasischke, Pastor of Family Ministries, at the church office, 734.426.8480, Ext. 17, or email her at denise@dexterumc.org. More information on the Judson Collins Center and its camp program are available at Judson Collins Center.