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Imprint on the Least of These

One thought on “Imprint on the Least of These

  1. Bonnie Schramm says:

    Well, I’m sure you’re surprised to be hearing from me! I just wanted to share that the opening of your sermon(how we continue to wrestle with the age old frustrations that we surely expected to be resolved by now!) so resonated with me about the beginning of my teaching career. As a fresh faced 21-year-old starting my own classroom in an at-risk population I was certain that I would solve the illiteracy problems of the district and maybe even the country! With my passion for books and literacy I knew the answer rested in my hands! I also felt that I would have my teaching career THEN I would go into some kind of special serving for God. However, soon into my career God said to me, “Bonnie, THIS is your mission field” and my career turned into my special serving for God. Throughout my 40 years of teaching He showed me that my goal was not to solve illiteracy. My goal was to leave an imprint on one child at a time, one colleague at a time, and to pass on the hope of the light of Christ. Yes, even in a public school setting. So, it is critical for all of us to encourage each other to keep our eyes wide open, our ears alert and our hearts vulnerable to the “least of these” because God has already put them in our path. God has so graciously nurtured my passion for literacy as volunteer work in the jail. However, do believe the ” least of these “are not always the visibly downtrodden. We have a lot of “least of these ” who are well groomed, outwardly successful but are so hungry for their emptiness to be filled.
    I pray this is not boastful but an encouragement and a message of gratitude for this Imprint sermon series.
    We all will leave a legacy…an imprint…what an opportunity God gives us to have that imprint look like HIM.
    Blessings to you and Leigh and your family.
    Both of your imprints are evident in each life you touch.
    Joyfully, Bonnie

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