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What on Earth Am I Here For? Reason #1: Worship

Matt Hook
January 10, 2016

What on Earth Am I Here For? Reason #1: Worship

Andraé Sweeney, Christian motivational speaker and author of “Don’t Let the 4 Wheels F.O.O.L. You: Faith to Overcome Obstacles in Life” will join Dr. Matt Hook in sharing their message “What on Earth Am I Here For? Reason #1: Worship”.

One thought on “What on Earth Am I Here For? Reason #1: Worship

  1. Darcy Campbell says:

    This is so good that in looking for just one message to share with two people close to me that I would like to bring along with me to the Lord, I chose this one message to them about God’s power, about inclusiveness, about lack of pretension, about how passionately God wants each of us, etc. But two things: 1) I had to seek out examples of our worship music online, & of course it isn’t our Archie, who is ROCKIN’ IT in the universal language of music every single week. There is not a day of my life that is not made better for what he does (nor for what Matt does). WHEN are we going to start speaking in this language to the unchurched beyond our doors, in Dexter & as far as we can reach? 2) Another universal language we are underutilizing is the beauty of nature, which is so evident just outside the windows of the sactuary. The universe does, indeed, declare Your majesty, & I like it when we bring those sharing in our worship service from beyond our doors into that element of the worship going on inside by just giving us a moment or two to see that. It’s so powerful when you do that. Thanks for making this resource available. Now I’m going to try to figure out how to email a link, a thing i hope my limited technical skills can work out. If there is not an obvious & simple way for people to do that (i didn’t see it right off but it might be there) that might be a 3rd item on my list. This is too (WAY too) cool not to be sharing; whatever can be done to make this easy enough that even the technology-challenged but humbled & ecstatic among us (what an uncommonly amazing combination of feelings being inspired here!) able to share with others couldn’t help but bring pleasure (& glory!) to God.

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