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Meet our Congregational Chaplain


Steve Bringardner

Congregational Chaplain


Fifteen years working in chaplaincy and addictions counseling has been valuable experience for Steve’s current role as Congregational Chaplain. His goal is to help people form a deep connection with God and their church, then take next steps on the path of discipleship.

Steve is a graduate of Olivet Nazarene University and Nazarene Theological Seminary, and was ordained in 1974. His ministry began in Mankato, Minnesota, where he planted a church; then he moved to Ann Arbor to pastor a campus church. His calling included service for Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and Brighton Center for Recovery before coming full circle back to pastoral ministry.

Steve and his wife, Marcie, have been married for 19 years. Both of them were widowed in 1996 and met at a support group. They love concerts and plays, and eating out. Marcie is an artist and writer. [You can catch some of her writing on Dexter UMC’s blog, titled InDepth].

Steve’s role at Dexter UMC includes pastoral care and visitation–in care facilities and homes as well as in the office.  He serves on the Stephen Ministry Leadership Team as referrals coordinator.  Although partially retired, Steve continues to be a spiritual leader in the church, teaching classes and occasionally preaching.

Fun Facts About Steve

Family Life
Collectively Steve and Marcie are the parents of five fantastically gifted children. One is deceased; the other four are spread across the country. They have 7 wonderful grandchildren (ages 10 on down to 4).
Steve loves hiking, biking, kayaking and water polo. You may catch Steve with an occasional cut or bruise resulting from a spirited game of water polo, which he has been playing for many years! He is also classically trained on the piano.
Did you know?
Steve is the son of a candy maker and grandson of a stained glass artisan.