Welcome to Dexter United Methodist Church!

Men’s Bible Studies

Men's 20-Something Bible Study
Sundays:  8 PM to 9:30 PM - Pastor Matt's Office

This group of "20-something" men meet in Pastor Matt's office for Bible study and prayer.

Men's Tuesday Breakfast
Tuesdays:  6:30 AM to 7:30 AM - The Edge

This group of men enjoy a hot breakfast then study a lesson together, followed by application and prayer.

Men's Bible Storytelling
Wednesdays:  7 PM to 8:30 PM - Rooms 220/221

Learn from various stories of the Bible how to live and how to share our faith in our daily lives.  Contact Eric Knisely at 734.475.2161 or Mike McCalla at 734.878.5382.

Golden Age Bible Study
Thursdays: 10 AM - Ed. Bldg. (3rd Grade Classroom)

For senior adult men and women.  We use the Upper Room Daily Devotional for our weekly study pray for those on our church prayer list. Newcomers are welcome. Contact Jane Kelly at 734.426.5176 or JTKELHome@aol.com.

Knights that Say Ni
Thursdays:  5:30 PM to 6:30 PM - Pastor Matt's Office

Silly name, but these mid-career businessmen are serious about seeking to advance their relationship with Jesus and gain counsel from other men. We check in with each other, read scripture/discuss, and pray together.