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What is Next Steps 2021?

Next Steps Planning Team Formation: Dexter UMC is a vibrant church with a mission that is shared by all staff, leaders and members alike.  However, we believe that we are at a point in our 188-year history of important changes that require our thoughtful and prayerful attention.  During spring 2020, our Senior Pastor and Ad Council Chair formed a team to carefully study certain inputs in order to develop a path forward.

What is the purpose of the Next Steps 2021 Plan?  Our plan is to bring clarity to seven initiatives that will help all of us take a next step in our faith journey through serving in ministry, and connecting with one another and Jesus.  This will also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how we manage and execute the processes of the church.

2020 Congregation Survey and
Strength and Weakness Assessment

Next Steps 2021
Launch Event (1/25/21)

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