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That’s My Story

What has God been doing in your life?

Theme:  Joy in Serving
Aired: 6/23/19

Theme:  25th Anniversary
Aired: 5/19/19

Theme:  Gift from God
Aired: 4/21/19

Theme:  Helping Hands
Aired: 3/24/19

Theme:  Telling Others
Aired: 2/24/19

Theme:  Prayer
Aired: 2/10/19

Theme:  Faith Story
Aired: 1/29/19

Theme:  Bethlehem
Aired: 12/24/18 and 12/30/18

Theme:  Connecting at Dexter UMC
Aired: 12/2/18

Theme:  Thresholds at Dexter UMC
Aired: 11/11/18

Theme:  A Timely Encounter
Aired: 10/14/18

Theme:  Understanding the Cross
Aired: 9/30/18

Theme:  Priority & Perspective
Aired: 9/9/18

Theme:  Blessings of Internship and More!
Aired: 8/26/18

Theme:  Immigrant Friends
Aired: 7/22/18

Theme:  Peace Through Trials
Aired:  7/8/18

Theme:  Bible Study
Aired:  6/24/18

Theme:  Daily Devotions
Aired:  6/3/18

Theme:  Faith at Home
Aired:  4/29/18

Theme:  Alpha House
Aired:  4/15/18

Theme:  Moving to Dexter and Dexter UMC
Aired:  3/25/18

Theme:  United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
Aired:  3/11/18

Theme:  Children & Family Ministry
Aired:  2/25/18

Theme:  Belize Mission Trip
Aired:  2/11/2018

Theme:  Home Group Support
Aired:  1/28/18

Theme:  Spiritual Gifts
Aired:  1/14/18

Theme:  Introduction
Aired:  12/31/17

Theme: Church is Family
Aired:  5/26/19

Theme: Legacy of Faith
Aired:  5/5/19

Theme: Overcoming Tragedy
Aired:  4/14/19

Theme: Re-connecting with God
Aired:  3/03/19

Theme: Faith Through Bible
Aired:  2/17/19

Theme: Faith Through Trials
Aired:  2/3/19

Theme: Children's Ministry
Aired:  1/13/19

Theme: God is Faithful
Aired:  12/09/18

Theme: Helping Neighbors
Aired:  11/18/18

Theme: Stephen Ministry
Aired:  10/21/18

Theme: Stepping Into Opportunities
Aired:  10/07/18

Theme: The Church Family
Aired:  9/23/18

Theme: Healing
Aired:  9/02/18

Theme:  Blessing of Being Raised at Dexter UMC
Aired:  7/29/18

Theme:  Holy Spirit at Church
Aired:  7/15/18

Theme:  Worship
Aired:  7/1/18

Theme:  Family Mission Trip
Aired:  6/17/18

Theme:  Red Bird Mission
Aired:  5/6/18

Theme:  Growing in Faith
Aired:  4/22/18

Theme:  Habitat for Humanity
Aired:  4/8/18

Theme: Church & Group Family
Aired:  3/18/18

Theme:  Blessings of Home Groups & Caring Ministry
Aired:  3/4/18

Theme:  Stephen Ministry
Aired:  2/18/2018

Theme:  Building Project Manager
Aired:  2/4/2018

Theme:  Home Group Blessings
Aired:  1/21/18

Theme:  Tuesday Morning Men's Group
Aired:  1/7/18

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