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Week #1 Creation: The Beginning of Life as We Know It.

I had the privilege to be in 3 different groups last week that started with the STORY week #1. What fascinating discussions on the first 11 chapters of the Genesis creation story, all the way through Noah. While I appreciated the honest questions and discussions of science, creation, beginnings, and more, there was one part of the Noah story that struck me more personally in these conversations. I had known the story of Noah’s drunkenness and nakedness after resettling after the great flood; and of Ham’s disrespect of his father in that situation.  (Genesis 9) While one would think that the best of humanity, namely Noah and his family, would be the hope of the next chapter, rather… the Noah and Ham story show us that the sin nature which began with Adam has been passed down. It’s now in our nature. NO mere HUMAN will be able to restore the broken relationship with God on our own merits. Rather, God must intervene. God has a plan and a provision that we will see played out in the rest of the Old Testament stories and ultimately in the atoning work of Jesus himself. Through this simple understanding of the Noah & Ham story, I have come to better appreciate God’s upper story of reconciling humankind to himself. He doesn’t give up on us!  –Tim Broyles

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  1. Cathy Leadley says:

    We’re reading The Story in the 20 Something Group on Sunday nights and having some great discussions!

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