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The STORY is Launched!

Well, we have launched the next 31 weeks together in God’s upper story of his relentless pursuit to reconcile humankind to himself. How exciting to be in this journey together from the weekly sermon, to children’s programming and books, to the Sunday night Youth group and Discipleship groups. As for adults, nearly 500 of the books have been picked up, along with 250 of the study guides and nearly 100 commentaries. We currently have 62 adult groups of various formats that are meeting regularly: I believe the most ever! At least 25 of these groups are using the STORY materials to discuss and apply God’s work in our lives. That is a LOT of people learning and discussing the Word! One of the highlight moments for me this week was when one of the “saints” at church stopped me in the hallway a few days ago and with a sparkle in her eyes said of this study, “I’m already learning so much about how the stories connect and how they point to God. I’m excited to see what is next.”   —So, this is the first blog entry during this series. Feel free to comment as we go! –Tim Broyles

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