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Week #2 God Builds a Nation

We had an incredible discussion last week: opened my eyes to how God uses people of all walks and certainly does not leave out those up there in age. One scriptural insight for me tied to both sessions 1 and 2 was how sin is part of our life, whether we like it or not. When Adam and Eve ate from the knowledge of good and evil, not only were they disobedient to God, they burdened us with a misconception that we could handle balancing good and evil. When we try to think of how God wants us to live our life or respond to a situation, we unfortunately are burdened with other thoughts: of the world, our self and even Satan himself. So, in light of this, let’s cling to the Holy Spirit and ask for His guidance and follow Jesus’s clear commands: 1) Love God with all our heart, and 2) Love each other as Jesus has: humbly serving.  –Mark Sutter


One thought on “Week #2 God Builds a Nation

  1. Tim Broyles says:

    Good reminder. Thank you, Mark!

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