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Week #3 Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

Joseph’s experiences make an intriguing story of faithfulness, of patience and waiting on God’s timing, of God’s upper story being revealed, and… I appreciate how Pastor Matt emphasized that it is a story of forgiveness. I also appreciate a simple comment that one of the men in our Wednesday night home group made near the end of our group time this week. He pointed out that he is inspired by the unnamed man in the early part of the Joseph story: the man who saw Joseph wandering in the fields looking for his brothers. The man was in the right place at the right time and he simply observed the obvious need in Joseph’s life and then acted upon it in asking Joseph how he could help…”What are you looking for?” This nearly overlooked interaction is found on page 29 of THE STORY, and more importantly, in Genesis 37:15.  While the unnamed man has a small part to play, his part was an important element in the big picture of God’s upper story. The application for me, and our group, is that we should always be ready to see the needs around us and to reach out to help in God’s name. We never know how it may help someone and bless thier life in their journey with God. Be faithful! –Tim Broyles

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