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Day 18 – March 26 – Don’t you understand yet?


  • Teen and Adult reading: Mark7:24-37 & 8:1-21, Matthew 15:21-39 & 16:1-12
  • GSFM p.356-361
  • JSB p.240-243
  • BF p.473-475
  • DBD p.558b-560
  • AB p.580-581


In today’s reading we see a juxtaposition between those who should not understand – having great faith and those who should know better given their education or experience, not understanding at all.  The masses of people follow Jesus everywhere he goes and stay for days at a time, until they run out of food so they may be healed and listen to Jesus. A gentile woman persistently pursues Jesus until her daughter is made well.  They know Jesus has something special and they cling to him.  The teachers and leaders of the Jewish nation keep asking for some sign to know Jesus in the Messiah and they miss everything Jesus is saying and doing.  The disciples who are with Jesus everyday can’t remember what Jesus did to feed the 5,000 when it is time to feed the 4,000.  When they are asked to feed the people they act as if they were not around when Jesus feed the other large crowd. He did not give up on those who did not understand.   May we have eyes to see and ears to hear Jesus this lent.

Action Step: record the word of the day on a tag or in a journal.